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InQuires is a project that explores the medieval manuscripts of Middle English romance from the perspective of a codex-curous PhD student

How do medieval texts survive? Who wrote them? Who read them? Why?

Medieval texts survive in so many different kinds of books, they exist in deluxe illuminated manuscripts, in fragments, often damaged, if not altogether destroyed, in scrolls and scraps, and in the lives of the people that read them. There is something new to discover about each and every one and this project will detail my experiences as a PhD researcher exploring these questions, examining texts, books, and their readers, as I try to better understand the literary culture of late-medieval England.

This site will be a space for me to explore these questions as an online extension of my PhD which deals with the books people owned and read in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, especially books containing Middle English romance.

This site includes blog posts on my experiences as a PhD researcher, but also tools for both conducting and displaying my research. I hope it will also serve as a platform of discovery and discussion for all interested in this area, and I welcome questions, comments and contributions to the blog or to my research.

Read more about me and my research…

This project is the puzzling together of the remaining pieces to try and form a fuller, more complete picture of the literary past…

Visit my blog for ramblings on PhD life…

I decided when my second year began that I would seek as many opportunities as possible, I would get involved, I would say yes. I didn’t have the forsight…

Take a look at my MS Tool…

This collation tool is designed to help visualise the construction of manuscripts, using evidence to uncover how the manuscript was made…


  1. Elizabeth Triano

    Hi, I just stumbled across one of your blog entries, and I’d like to get on the email notification list to read updates, but I can’t find where to sign up. Am I being extraordinarily dense today, or isn’t there such an option here?

    Oh, and it’s been a long, long time since I was an undergrad dreaming of continuing my studies (which I never did), but I did get to meet Rossell Hope Robbins, and take a few classes with him.

    • Rebecca Pope

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks so much for you’re interest! Not being dense at all, my errror, I hadn’t thought to add a subscribe option, but I am delighted that you want to follow my posts. I have just added an option to subscribe which you should now find in the right hand menu under ‘Tweets’.

      And Rossell Hope Robbins wow, must have been incredible to study under him!

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